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belle taylor, jess tovey

Point Blank Range (a tidbit)

A small section from an upcoming storyline i'm working on.
Inspired by Matthew Reilly and his Jack West Jr and Lily series (Seven Ancient Wonders, Six Sacred Stones etc), this is a father and daughter piece that I hope you'll enjoy.
I won't tell you their relevance to Sea Patrol yet, or their connection to the Hammersley, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. AND, if you do guess who they are and their connection, keep it quiet (SAM!) because I'd like to keep it and the implications related to it to myself for just a little longer.



It's a story of revenge. A story of love. A story of hate. A story of a father and a daughter who want nothing more than justice.

Point Blank Range is the story of justice and the real role of fatherhood. What it means to be everything to someone. And the role of daughterhood. What it means to be a memory of someone, but also the only one that can keep a dream alive. It is the story of two fathers, two daughters and a woman that was lost just when she was needed most. It's about understanding, revenge and the pursuit of truth.

It's about getting what you need, who you need and when you need it.

It's about justice, truth and betrayal. It's one man, one woman and one child battling across the globe to find a man they want to pay for what he did to their lives.

But more than anything - it's about family.


Hehe, I have a feeling I know the connections. *checks ages of characters* Medical degree, a family, a wife and child...

But anyways, loving this so far!