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Oct. 23rd, 2006

allan a dale, robin hood

The end of an era!

Well, that's it! 'School of What?' has officially finished, as has my time as the person least likely to ever finish one of her stories! Ha Ha! Yes, i was a one-shot-wonder but now i have actually finished a full story! I know, i'm scared too!

Alright, well, the last of the chapters are HERE
And the whole story can be accessed HERE



Oh, and, in other news... IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!


Yeah, i'm done.



Oct. 16th, 2006

allan a dale, robin hood

School of What?


Update alert. Chapters 28 and 29 here.

Well, as expected, i only seem to be updating School of What?! I know, i should be updating To Blame and Pointing Fingers too but i can't seem to get around to re-typing them.
To all of you that don't know my situation, i originally had all my documents on my odl computer but then, error! My odl computer decides to go spastic. Won't let me use floppys, USBs or internet so i can't get my documents out except by printing them all off. So i do that. All 50 full-page size 7 font pages of them. And now, i have to re-type them all on my new computer, put them on floppy or USB and bring them to Uni where i post them because i don't have the internet at home yet!
Yeah, it's an ordeal to say the least.
So, anyway. That's me done for today.

Oh, new thing i'm goign to start. I've decided that at the end of each post i will add something, maybe a favourite quote from one of my stories or just a bit of an ad or something. I'll start these first few posts with a few ads for my stories, just a bit of a run-down on what is in them and what makes them interesting.
Of course, as you can likely tell, School of What? is my biggest hitter so i'll start with that:

School of What?

 'School of What?' takes place a few years after 'School of Rock' and follows the lives of the kids in the band as they attempt to graduate from Horace Green. However, on graduation day things go very wrong when the children are informed that long-time mentor and friend Dewey Finnhas been killed in a car accident while running late to the graduation. The children, expectedly, are distraught, probably none-more-so than Katie Lymen, band bassist and the girl that was given all when the band was formed, including the boy that has made her life great: Freddy Jones.
While mourning the loss, Katie gets offered a place at her father's prestigious school in New York. Katie isn't sure. Although she'd love to get away from everything that reminds her of Dewey and the band, after she drops out feeling insecure and unwanted; at the same time she knows New York is long enough away from her home in Long Island for her to likely never see her friends again.
Katie eventually decides that a new change of pace would be a good idea, much to the displeasure of Freddy who has only recently realised he sees Katie as much more than just a friend. On his way to the airport to say goodbye and tell her how he feels, Freddy gets caught in traffic though and doesn't make it in time.
We pick the story up again 3 years later. The School of Rock kids are 16 and everything about their lives are much more complicated, with mixed up feelings getting in the way of friendships.
Katie's return is unexpected, but welcomed by the group, however feelings change when everyone realises that Katie isn't the same person anymore. Instead Katie has become incredibly selfish and very different.
The Katie they used to know is gone, and an angry and isolated girl has been left in her place.
But is Katie's change all down to her or has something happened in her past that needs to be addressed before she can be the Katie that Freddy loves once again? And how will Eleni Thomas and a boy named Daniel break and then strengthen Katie and Freddy's love?

Read it here

Oct. 12th, 2006

allan a dale, robin hood

My First Entry

Here i am, the Kate-Emma we all know but want to spontaneously combust when she doesn't update! Ha!
Now, just to add to my growing reason for not updating stories, i've added this livejournal.
This is my fanfiction livejournal. My real livejournal is NOT FOR YOU! 
Ha Ha!

Anyway, all a bit messy at the moment. I'll have story information and some interesting stuff up soon, i promise! (ha, you know that counts for nothing!)

But for now i leave you with the stories list and a lovely question i'd like you all to answer in comments about which fanfiction story i should finish first.
Thanks again...


+List Of Stories+
In Progess
School of What? -School of Rock-
Pointing Fingers -The Bill-
To Blame -Supernatural-
My Odes to 'The Bill' - The Bill - 

On Hold
In The Valley -School of Rock-
Call Sign 416 -The Bill-
Never Forget -The Bill-
Being A Hunter -The Bill-
New Kid On The Block -The Bill-
Why Don't Dreams...? -School of Rock-
The Heart In It - The Bill -
A Little Place Called Home -The Bill-
Red Spot and Frangipani -Supernatural-
Family Ties -The Bill- 
Don't Bother -Home and Away-
To Belong -The Bill- (PF Sequel)
Out Of My Control -School of Rock- (SOW Sequel)

The Letter -The Bill/One-Shot Songfic-
Maybe If I... -The Bill/One-Shot-
Please Be Here... -The Bill/Two-Shot Songfic-
Regrets -The Bill/One-Shot-
Two Cruel Blows -Sam Harker/The Bill/Two-Shot-
Thankful -Home and Away/One-Shot-
Fate -The Bill/One-Shot-
What Friends Aren't For -The Bill/One-Shot Songfic-

My Question:
Which of my fanfiction Stories should be my main priority? (finish first?)

School of What?
To Blame
Pointing Fingers
Facing The Facts
Family Ties
Ghosts of Sun-Hill
In The Valley 
Call Sign 416
Never Forget
Being A Hunter
New Kid On The Block
Why Don't Dreams...?
The Heart In It
A Little Place Called Home
Red Spot and Frangipani
Don't Bother
Out Of My Control (School of What? Sequel)
To Belong (Pointing Fingers Sequel)

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