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amber tamblyn

Hey Hey, Stuff of Assignments!

Turns out the researcher is the researched. Friend recently e-mailed me a set of questions to answer for her assignment on hobbies and online applications. Sounds scarily like an assignment i did for my third year. Strange. But she's not doing Communication. Sucked in! Okay, will find out what it's actually for. Anyway, turns out she's trying to work her way into the bizarre mind of the hobbyist - what drives them etc. So, me and my many year hobby you may know as fan fiction writing, are in the assignment.

Lol, i've never been a topic before! I feel spesh.

Anywho, will get questions and answers later. Hopefully also a bit of the report. I swear, if she's made me look bad.

*pimp hand warning*

Yeah, she got told!

Alright, that's all.

~ Kate

EDIT: Here's a transcript of the interview. The assignment will be up when she actually writes it. lol. Apparently because it isn't due till week 7 she doesn't have to start yet. Lazy... he he

What is your hobby? What does it involve?

My hobby is fan fiction writing. It is a form of creative writing that involves already established characters from shows, books, movies etc.

How long have you been doing it? How did you start?

I’ve been doing it since 2002. My first fic was a Harry Potter piece that, ultimately, was never finished. I’m not sad about that because it was Mary-Sue piece. It was called Family Ties.

Why do you enjoy doing it?

I enjoy fan fiction writing because it’s a creative outlet. I’d love to write a best-seller one day, so sometimes it’s my chance to run past people the ideas I’ve had for it, see what works and what doesn’t. It also gives me a chance to write the stories that I know I’ll never see on the real shows/books.

What’s the hardest part of it?

Many people still look at fan fiction writing as silly or in some way less important than creative writing. In fact the research and ideas that go into fan fiction writing are just as hard as original fiction. The only difference is that you’re working with already established characters. In some way that makes it easier because you don’t have to elaborate on their history or characterisation, but at the same time harder because everyone has a different opinion on their favourite characters and can get hostile if you misrepresent them.

Your greatest achievement in this hobby?

Finishing anything is an achievement!

The future for your hobby?

I can’t see it changing too much. People will still be writing fan fiction in the future. It won’t change until everyone thinks the same and creativity dies out. Think Brave New World… or maybe, don’t. That would be too creative!

For me my future plans are to finish my big Sea Patrol fics and then, who knows. Hopefully then the fic ideas will dry out and I can focus on a novel or screenplay. Then again, that seems unlike so watch this space!