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Price We Paid (Part 8): Point of No Return

So, like the icon suggests, i really am over my head right now with this. For those of you who don't know, this is my new Sea Patrol piece called Price We Paid, an eight-part, 30 chapters each story chronicling the life of the Hammersley crew in 2012 when the world has gone to hell and global warming is real. For a real catch-up you can check the link below, but here is a quick look at Chapter 1 of Part 8 which i am really excited about. Enjoy.

Why Read Part 8?: * many things get blown up
* at least one main character dies
* we finally find out who the new PM is

So, first here's the LINK

And now, Price We Paid: Point of no Return

Chapter One;
War of the World

The Australian Prime Minister couldn't breathe.

The sheer magnitude of what he'd just been told was bearing down on him like a whale was sitting on his chest. It was worse than fear, worse than horror - he was completely at a loss for what to do or say.

The President continued. "Mister Prime Minister, I need your word that you will do everything in your power to aid the defeat of this enemy."

The Prime Minister grunted, awoken from his traumatising mind tricks. Was it bad that he could already see the looming destruction in his head? "Of course Mister President." He glanced up at his Minister for Defence for confirmation. "We have six warships left. By transferring all Defence Personnel to these ships we should have a small fleet."

"Sounds good Prime Minister. My Cheif of Staff will be in contact with the details and co-ordinates. Good day."

"Good day Mister President." The Prime Minister hung up with shaky hands. The Defence Minister frowned.


The Prime Minister shook his head. "You best take a seat Robert, this will floor you."

(later in the chapter. Yes, that's right, i'm leaving out the Hammersley stuff in case i give too much away!)

Defence Minister Robert Harnacky couldn't breathe.

Having assumed the Prime Minister was being his usual dramatic self, he hadn't initially taken the offered seat. But, after only the first line from the leader's mouth, he'd slumped into the red leather seat in the Prime Minister's Canberra office. The PM, the longest lasting in the last 10 years, had fallen silent as he did.

"I know this is hard to take in Minister, but I need you to come to terms with it as quickly as possible. We'll need the Navy Cheifs ready to marshall the troops within the hour. There can be no hesitation Minister, we haven't got the time."

"Sir, I..." Robert began, but he had no time to finish.

"Minister, the Australian Navy is perfectly up to the task. You forget that once upon a time I was a Navy man and I have seen the best and worst of this establishment. The best are in charge today and the worst are lost. So, marshall the troops. Ready all the warships and gather every patrol boat, survey vessel and replenishment vessel sailor to man a warship whether they have a crew or not. Get the leaders together, all base COs as well. Australia's safety is reliant on ending this fight, not protecting us anymore. We will not survive on this 'us and them' mentality and we can no longer focus on Australia alone. This is a world war coming and even here Down Under there will be no safety."

Harnacky caved. "Yes sir, done sir."

The Prime Minister nodded. "Good, so go now."