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New Fic and so little time to do it

Well i'm drowning in homework and class presentations so my sudden desire to write my new fic probably came at the wrong time, but hey, that's me! I always pick the worst time! So yeah, i'll just give you my best Neville face (see icon) and hope you forgive having to wait ages for me to update it!

Well, i should give you a run-down seeing as i'm plugging it so well! :) It's called 'War of the Free World' and takes place in 2018 London where the country is in a state of tumoil after being taken over by the evil Arcturus, a young wizard who idolised Voldemort. Standing in his way is the dear Neville who doesn't realise his destiny until Adrian Pucey kills one of his family members (try and guess who, it isn't hard!). Also in the story, saviour of the Muggles, is Lavender Brown who is a professional writer turned hero as she fights to save innocent Muggles caught up in the fight. So, in a sense it's Neville and Lavender vs Arcturus and Adrian but for more you'll have to read it won't you! The first 4 chapters (well, really the prologue) are up now.

Anyway, this was just a quick plug. I should be back soon with more. I'm currently working on 'It Takes A Little Magic...' which is a 5-parter about Lavender Brown's life at and after Hogwarts. She seems to be my main character at the moment!

Keep reading and writing
With love
~ Kate-Emma