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tom felton, draco malfoy

Ha, I do update you disbelievers!

Well, i'm going crazy with the updates now i'm back at uni after Christmas. I'd really like to finish Pointing Fingers too, and i might try and do that soon, but i've lost my way with the case and i would like to do the set amount of chapters i first thought of (30 - the age Sam was when he died (or in this case should've)) but i'm struggling. It's a pain cos i've written the last 10 chapters and they're perfect but i can't seem to get chapters 11-20 finished. Gosh darn them.

Anyway: Here's the updates list: 

School of Rock:
In The Valley  Chapters 3 and 4
Out Of My Control  Chapter 3

Harry Potter:
And For A Life Like Mine 
Chapter 1
And In A Life Like This  Chapter 3
Got What It Takes  Chapters 1 and 2

The Bill:
A Little Place Called Home Chapters 1 and 2
Remus and Romulus  Opening Page

And there's more to come, so hold your horses people. 

I'm off to finish Pointing Fingers
 Love, Peace and Chicken Grease to you all

<3 Katz