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I'm Back... But

Yeah, there's always a but. You really should've seen it coming by now!
I'm back from holidays and updating my fics (today i updated In The Name of Peace and As If A Second Chance as well as adding a new fic called Got What It Takes) but i've gone and got myself some hard subjects this term including a Third Year subject for Marketing although i'm a second year (smart eh?) so i'll be working extra hard on that and everything else because i need to pass everything (namely i just can't afford to fail and have to redo the class)
That said, fanfiction writing is my freedom and as long as people keep reading than i'll keep on writing. I'm currently working on a piece about the life of my favourite obscure character, Theodore Nott and his life before, during and after the Battle for Hogwarts (7th book, hope you've read it!).
Anyway, the list of stories is below. Too stuffed to write up an ad (i know, how lazy, i'm an Advertising student!). My International Marketing class is at Parramatta this term so i'll have buses to add to my public transport rage by the end of today. But still, back to trains tomorrow. Yay! Will write on the trains and buses as much as possible, promise!

Love, Peace and Chickengrease

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