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allan a dale, robin hood

Holiday, celebrate!

That's right, as of 5 minutes ago i am now officially on holidays, having finished my first and last exam (evil PR!). So everybody party!

At the end of the week i'm off to the north coast with some mates, so i won't be back until December and even then i may not update until i get back to Uni in February.
But don't worry, i promise to write all holidays!
Yeah, i'm so mean to my lovely readers! he he!

Anyway, below is a list of stories you shall see in the new year (hopefully).
Have a good weekend, and holidays if i don't see you all before the New Year!

Later Days


To Be Finished:
Pointing Fingers
Will Cass and Sam ever talk again?
Will Sam ever tell what happened that night of the fire?
Will Sam point the finger?
And what will happen to Cass? Will she face the demise she's set to face, even though Sam is here?
Stay Tuned!

In The Valley
Everything's looking OK for Katie, but she misses home. So when her dad says he's headed back to Long Island for the next month for a brief job, Katie goes with him.
There, waiting to see her friends, she discovers her heartbroken ex-boyfriend Freddy has returned to the arms of Marta and many of her friends have moved on without her.
Heartbroken she heads back to Sydney, vowing never to return to Long Island again.
Has Freddy lost her for good?
Will he realise what he's lost?
When? How?
Wait and see!

To Blame
Will Dean wake up?
What did Sam do?
And what is wrong with that house? What makes it so odd?
Check it out in the new year!

To Start:
Never Forget
Nick Klein's views on life, love, loss and religion as he loses his best-mate and love of his life in the same year.

Got What It Takes
When Voldemort returns he causes trouble for more than just the usual gang.
This story follows four teenagers as they battle family, love and the ultimate end of the world in an attempt to hold on to what they have.