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allan a dale, robin hood


Oh, i hate to leave you all up in the air with my stories but i'll be going on holidays for the next two and a half months and won't b back until February to update.
I may update a few times in between, as much as possible of course, but i can't promise anything.

I know, i really shouldn't have started 'In The Valley' knowing i wouldn't be able to finish it until the new year but still, that's Katz for ya!

Anywho, see ya in the new year

Story Info:

In The Valley

After a falling out at Marta's party with long-time boyfriend Freddy Jones, Katie Lymen moves to Sydney to be with her family at their time of need. There she makes new friends and gets settled.
Meanwhile, back at home in Long Island, Freddy is feelign alone and with Marta promising him to make him feel wanted Freddy is forgetting Katie more and more each days she's away.
So, when Katie comes home to find Freddy and Marta are a couple, after months of ignoring her feelings for the local hottie, Katie is angry and disappointed, returning to Sydney and vowing never to come home to Long Island again.
Will Freddy realise the mistake he's made?
Will Katie move on?
Find out in 'In The Valley'

In progress!