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May. 4th, 2009

allan a dale, robin hood

Publishing Opportunities


An upcoming novel by yours truly, one which will be test run on the SP.com boards (not fanfiction.net though) under the alias Point Blank Range, goes to manuscript soon.
After a read through of the plot by a local editor, Point Blank Range has been given the go-ahead to become a novel. Whether the full version gets picked up by a publishing company remains to be seen yet, but for now it's going good. I'm off to Coffs this week, but when i return i'm to continue with the manuscript.
The novel, with it's current working titles as Point Blank Range and what the editor knows as Pieces (lol) to Die For, is an action-adventure novel about a group of rebels in war-torn Europe trying to hunt down a man whose actions have been responsible for so many deaths. The problems is that they too are wanted men and are also being hunted themselves by various governments.
Go to Point Blank Range (a tidbit) to read more. The first chapter is pretty much word-for-word with the novel. i will post the Prologue here next week. Until then, wish me luck.

. Kate

EDIT: Here's the prologue i promised. This is the fan fiction version not the book version though as i've lost my soft copy of the prologue and only have the hard ciopy *beats it* Anyway, enjoy...



The figure standing at the fence was weary, so weary. His eyes sagged under the pressure of sleep deprivation. Somewhere nearby goods trains thudded silently through a station and an owl hooted a whisper in the darkness, but other than that it was silent. The silence clung in the air, and the wind on his cheeks was so cold. Still he struggled on because he had to. Forever moving, forever running, forever changing. He stood outside a small village in the Czech Republic, he hadn’t caught it’s name when he’d passed through, headed west and back home. He’d thought he’d be safe in Moldova, but he was wrong. Now, hunted like a dog, he couldn’t even catch transport out of the small Eastern Block country. He had been trapped behind the unspoken wall of Russia’s lands with little chance of escape. Then an ally, a chance, and now he stood only metres from freedom. By daylight he’d have passed from the Czech Republic and into it’s neighbouring Germany. Once there he’d be a citizen once again, free in the western world, but for now he had the night to carry on through. He had to make it out of the Czech Republic before he could even imagine the true freedom of life in Germany.

He’d tracked across the lands since leaving Prague and his last safe house only days before. After leaving Moldova he’d been moved in a potato shipment lorry across into Romania. There his saviour Alexei had left him with a cousin who would help him across to the next checkpoint of the route. So on it went, from cousin to friend to ex-girlfriend even. Romania led to Hungary, skirting the edges of Hungary to avoid exposure. Hungary was a country on edge, a land ready to put up a fight to their Russian oppressors. Despite being 10 years since the world had fallen into disarray, still Russia had control. They had the money, the connections and the power. There were rumours of the USSR all over again, minus the idiotic war with America – they had learnt from that and would never again. Hungary led to Slovakia and then finally to the Czech Republic. He’d only been in the safe house at Prague for two days when the security had been breached and he’d been told to run. Get out. The authorities were coming, straight from the President, and he had to go. So he went, on horseback, until the horse could take no more. He had no food, drank from whatever frozen river he could find and break into, and barely enough clothing. Still he staggered on for days without sleep. Ever moving. Ever listening. Ever dreaming of his life of freedom in the western world once again.

He hadn’t always been so pathetic. Once upon a time he had controlled an empire, managed a world. He’d been feared. He’d been hated. He’d been the hunter instead of the hunted. But for the last ten years he’d been on the run from authorities all over Europe, changing his appearance and name. Only 5 years before he’d escaped to Moldova just before the Bloc came down once again. Surely he was safe behind this unspoken wall? Surely he could pretend he still wasn’t attached to his old life and just be Nikolai the Baker, strange foreigner but great breadsman.

Then Russia had struck a deal with Britain. Extradition. Find this man. Interpol think you have him. Russia agreed. And they knew perfectly well who Nikolai the Baker really was. Terrorist. Hitman. National Threat. But they had no intention of extradition. They had a point to make to the world. We are the great brown bear once again. Hear us roar. They came for his head.

He staggered on through the darkness and trees, leaving behind the small picnic village he’d come across, the village so picturesque it was almost like a childhood story and the homes were made from gingerbread. Unlike Hungary, the Czech Republic had done well from the control of Russia. This close to the western world they acted almost like spies, opening their doors to presents from neighbouring Germany and Austria, but when the Kremlin came knocking they’d pretend they knew nothing of western aid. So, out of all the countries he had passed through, this one was the nicest. Even at 3am the air was fresh and the soft sounds of a church bell hit his ears as it struck three. It awoke him to his realisation – the sun arose in three hours and if he didn’t make it across the border before sunrise the guards would see him. He hurried on to the border.

The unspoken wall it may have been, but the Eastern Bloc did have real fences stretching all the way across Poland and the Czech Republic, keeping the Germans out. Not since Hitler more than eight decades earlier had anyone tried to take back Russia in their own territory, but still the great brown bear kept it’s walls up. It was more to keep people in than out. And that was to be his problem. Getting out when he was so far in. Reaching the gate and pressing himself to a tree, he watched two guards walk the length of the gate, back and force with silent steps. Nearby something moved in the trees and one turned, firing on it without a warning. A fox fell out into the light of the road – shot right between the eyes. The men just laughed, thick Russian accents hitting the ear of the man in the trees as the other guard congratulated his friend. After a quick grin at the fox, the men returned to their guarding. The man in the trees didn’t dare move, didn’t dare breathe. If that were a fox, what could they do to him? He stood and waited; praying fate would step in and help him over the line.

It did. Almost 95 minutes later the sound of heavy gunfire broke out further down the road. The men at the gate snapped up, looking at it. In silent agreement they raced towards it, flipping a switch on the gate before they left. Awoken by the gunfire, the man in the trees looked up in horror to find the gate closing quickly, triggered by the switch the men had flicked. It was standard rule for the guards – if you have to leave your post then close the gate. It took 45 seconds to shut and lock, then you could go. Or die. It was specifically created for a firefight in which the guards would die. They knew this. Everyone did. It was par for the course. Of course, that now gave the man in the trees 30 seconds to get through the gate. He made a break.

The seconds ticked down in his head. He knew that any second one of the guards could turn and fire at him, killing him instantly. He was out in the open, exposed and probably being watched by CCTV cameras hidden somewhere on the gate. He could almost hear the voice of a guard somewhere yelling at the top of his lungs for his superior – ‘we have a breakaway’. The gate got closer as it almost got closer to snapping shut. He stuck out an arm… and grabbed it! Dragging himself forward with both foot and arm, he dived through the gap and into Germany. He was free! He stood to leave then stopped. He was caught. The gate had closed in on the leg of his pants. He tugged on it but it was caught tight. Then a siren sounded. Red flashing lights atop of the gates started to revolve and voices were heard. Yells in Russian of ‘escapee’ and ‘stop him’. Dogs barking. He tugged harder. Nothing. He was trapped, left to die just inside German territory. He watched the figures and dogs come closer, waiting to be shot, before reality caught up. Lifting himself up he pulled his pants clear off, throwing them free of himself. He was free. Pantless but free. Then, he ran.

The pantless man running from the Russians at the gate story would be told for the next eight years behind the Bloc wall, many saying it was a mere rumour and no one had ever escaped the Russians. How could they? No one in surrounding towns had heard any gunfire that night. No security vision on the escapee had been released; unlike all the other times people had tried to escape. The believers said it was because he wasn’t like the other escapees, it wasn’t just Nikolai the Baker. He’d been someone bigger. A westerner. A spy from the British Army. An ex-terrorist. A man who had once tried to rule the world. The history books would name him other things later, crueller things, but for now he was Russian legend.

He was to become the Serpent. The slipperiest man alive…

Mar. 25th, 2009

amber tamblyn

Hey Hey, Stuff of Assignments!

Turns out the researcher is the researched. Friend recently e-mailed me a set of questions to answer for her assignment on hobbies and online applications. Sounds scarily like an assignment i did for my third year. Strange. But she's not doing Communication. Sucked in! Okay, will find out what it's actually for. Anyway, turns out she's trying to work her way into the bizarre mind of the hobbyist - what drives them etc. So, me and my many year hobby you may know as fan fiction writing, are in the assignment.

Lol, i've never been a topic before! I feel spesh.

Anywho, will get questions and answers later. Hopefully also a bit of the report. I swear, if she's made me look bad.

*pimp hand warning*

Yeah, she got told!

Alright, that's all.

~ Kate

EDIT: Here's a transcript of the interview. The assignment will be up when she actually writes it. lol. Apparently because it isn't due till week 7 she doesn't have to start yet. Lazy... he he

What is your hobby? What does it involve?

My hobby is fan fiction writing. It is a form of creative writing that involves already established characters from shows, books, movies etc.

How long have you been doing it? How did you start?

I’ve been doing it since 2002. My first fic was a Harry Potter piece that, ultimately, was never finished. I’m not sad about that because it was Mary-Sue piece. It was called Family Ties.

Why do you enjoy doing it?

I enjoy fan fiction writing because it’s a creative outlet. I’d love to write a best-seller one day, so sometimes it’s my chance to run past people the ideas I’ve had for it, see what works and what doesn’t. It also gives me a chance to write the stories that I know I’ll never see on the real shows/books.

What’s the hardest part of it?

Many people still look at fan fiction writing as silly or in some way less important than creative writing. In fact the research and ideas that go into fan fiction writing are just as hard as original fiction. The only difference is that you’re working with already established characters. In some way that makes it easier because you don’t have to elaborate on their history or characterisation, but at the same time harder because everyone has a different opinion on their favourite characters and can get hostile if you misrepresent them.

Your greatest achievement in this hobby?

Finishing anything is an achievement!

The future for your hobby?

I can’t see it changing too much. People will still be writing fan fiction in the future. It won’t change until everyone thinks the same and creativity dies out. Think Brave New World… or maybe, don’t. That would be too creative!

For me my future plans are to finish my big Sea Patrol fics and then, who knows. Hopefully then the fic ideas will dry out and I can focus on a novel or screenplay. Then again, that seems unlike so watch this space!

Mar. 20th, 2009

belle taylor, jess tovey

Point Blank Range (a tidbit)

A small section from an upcoming storyline i'm working on.
Inspired by Matthew Reilly and his Jack West Jr and Lily series (Seven Ancient Wonders, Six Sacred Stones etc), this is a father and daughter piece that I hope you'll enjoy.
I won't tell you their relevance to Sea Patrol yet, or their connection to the Hammersley, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. AND, if you do guess who they are and their connection, keep it quiet (SAM!) because I'd like to keep it and the implications related to it to myself for just a little longer.



It's a story of revenge. A story of love. A story of hate. A story of a father and a daughter who want nothing more than justice.

Point Blank Range is the story of justice and the real role of fatherhood. What it means to be everything to someone. And the role of daughterhood. What it means to be a memory of someone, but also the only one that can keep a dream alive. It is the story of two fathers, two daughters and a woman that was lost just when she was needed most. It's about understanding, revenge and the pursuit of truth.

It's about getting what you need, who you need and when you need it.

It's about justice, truth and betrayal. It's one man, one woman and one child battling across the globe to find a man they want to pay for what he did to their lives.

But more than anything - it's about family.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

ian meadows, rocco cooper


This is a piece i wrote last night while listening to angsty music and generally hating the Navy. If you don't get it catch a train to ST James, walk past the Barracks, through the Domain, down past Boy Charleton Pool and into Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. Then you'll understand. I terrorise the Medical Personnel department tomorrow so hopefully this doesn't end here.



Twenty steps up. Twenty steps. Three. Two. One. Concrete landing. Oxygen. No stale cigarette smell. Greenery. Light. More stairs. Just four. Large. Off-white. And concrete. Stop. Lights. Road. Green. Walk. Deep tan walls. Bus stop. Traffic honks. Look up. Park. Fountain. Car park. Still pretty. Can you smell the sea yet?

Round a corner. Glimpses of blue. Just a second and then gone again. Enter the park. Follow the path, stay off the grass. Don’t ignore the signs! Stay off the grass! Through the over-hanging trees. Watch out for the cyclists. Jerk! Scowl then continue. Pass the schoolgirls having lunch in the park. Café. Actually I am a bit hungry. Fight it. Keep walking. Back out onto the road. Look up. Art Gallery. What does that banner say? Ah, stuff it. Cross the road. Back turned to the gallery.

Stick to the road. Over the expressway and onto the gate. From here you can see the baths. Finally I see ocean. The marina is full today! Little rich men’s cruisers are not my cup of tea. Continue. Trees grow thicker. Someone’s playing loud music down in the hall. Keep walking. Get out of the way for joggers. This footpath isn’t wide enough for the both of us lady. I guess I’ll go on the road then. Watch out for the bus. Doesn’t matter because he stops at that last bus stop anyway. The driver shuts the doors and goes to sleep. Nice place for it buddy.

Pass the oversized trees. Small placards at their feet tell me they’re Morton Bay Figs. Interesting. Let’s continue. Crossroads. Left leads up. Right leads down. Choose right. Pass the pool. Nice day for a swim. Too bad I didn’t bring my swimmers. The first sign of what I’m looking for. Walk a little faster. Pass a boulder. Now who hasn’t camped out there? I’ve done it twice. Once for a picture, one to just take in the view. But not today. Today I’m passing through. I’ll be back little boulder; just like the other 30 times I’ve done this exact walk.

Reach the hill. View obscured for a second by bushes. Stop and lean up against a staircase behind the pool. Push a branch out of my way. I can’t read that number yet. Maybe when I get around to the other side. Not that it matters. I know each by sight.

Reach the base of the slope where the handrail ends. Nothing here but the path, grass and harbour. Just the way I like it. Nothing to kill the view. Take a step closer. Feel the breeze. Hear the sound of the waves splashing on the small rock walls that fall away into sea. The sunshine on the silver. The gleam hurts my eyes but I can’t look away. Enticed. Take a breath. Breathe it in. Remember when, just for that small amount of time, you were up there. Holding the hot rails. Climbing the stairs. Navigating the halls and narrow spaces. Remember how it felt like home. How can you make them know it felt like home? How desperately you want to go home.

Bite your lip. Cheer up because life isn’t over yet. Another deep breath. A small smile. Share a look with a passing jogger. She looks at them the same way you do. Do you think she’s one of them? Or maybe like you? Revelling in what you can get. Ignore the passers-by. Draw your eyes once again to them. Movement on the deck. Cleaning. Grin. Don’t envy them for that. Glance at watch. 1510. You have to go. You’re already late. It’s what you get for getting off the train one station early just for that moment of… Well? What is it? Sanity? Peace? Self-torture? A mix of all maybe. So close and yet so far. One hand reaches out for them but you pull it back. Look but don’t touch. Can never really touch. Sigh. Draw eyes to the ground. Keep walking. You’ll be back soon. As with every other time. You’re fated to return. Forever...

Jan. 13th, 2009

Spider. Sea Patrol.

Price We Paid (Part 8): Point of No Return

So, like the icon suggests, i really am over my head right now with this. For those of you who don't know, this is my new Sea Patrol piece called Price We Paid, an eight-part, 30 chapters each story chronicling the life of the Hammersley crew in 2012 when the world has gone to hell and global warming is real. For a real catch-up you can check the link below, but here is a quick look at Chapter 1 of Part 8 which i am really excited about. Enjoy.

Why Read Part 8?: * many things get blown up
* at least one main character dies
* we finally find out who the new PM is

So, first here's the LINK

And now, Price We Paid: Point of no Return

Chapter One;
War of the World

The Australian Prime Minister couldn't breathe.

The sheer magnitude of what he'd just been told was bearing down on him like a whale was sitting on his chest. It was worse than fear, worse than horror - he was completely at a loss for what to do or say.

The President continued. "Mister Prime Minister, I need your word that you will do everything in your power to aid the defeat of this enemy."

The Prime Minister grunted, awoken from his traumatising mind tricks. Was it bad that he could already see the looming destruction in his head? "Of course Mister President." He glanced up at his Minister for Defence for confirmation. "We have six warships left. By transferring all Defence Personnel to these ships we should have a small fleet."

"Sounds good Prime Minister. My Cheif of Staff will be in contact with the details and co-ordinates. Good day."

"Good day Mister President." The Prime Minister hung up with shaky hands. The Defence Minister frowned.


The Prime Minister shook his head. "You best take a seat Robert, this will floor you."

(later in the chapter. Yes, that's right, i'm leaving out the Hammersley stuff in case i give too much away!)

Defence Minister Robert Harnacky couldn't breathe.

Having assumed the Prime Minister was being his usual dramatic self, he hadn't initially taken the offered seat. But, after only the first line from the leader's mouth, he'd slumped into the red leather seat in the Prime Minister's Canberra office. The PM, the longest lasting in the last 10 years, had fallen silent as he did.

"I know this is hard to take in Minister, but I need you to come to terms with it as quickly as possible. We'll need the Navy Cheifs ready to marshall the troops within the hour. There can be no hesitation Minister, we haven't got the time."

"Sir, I..." Robert began, but he had no time to finish.

"Minister, the Australian Navy is perfectly up to the task. You forget that once upon a time I was a Navy man and I have seen the best and worst of this establishment. The best are in charge today and the worst are lost. So, marshall the troops. Ready all the warships and gather every patrol boat, survey vessel and replenishment vessel sailor to man a warship whether they have a crew or not. Get the leaders together, all base COs as well. Australia's safety is reliant on ending this fight, not protecting us anymore. We will not survive on this 'us and them' mentality and we can no longer focus on Australia alone. This is a world war coming and even here Down Under there will be no safety."

Harnacky caved. "Yes sir, done sir."

The Prime Minister nodded. "Good, so go now."

Mar. 26th, 2008

New Fic and so little time to do it

Well i'm drowning in homework and class presentations so my sudden desire to write my new fic probably came at the wrong time, but hey, that's me! I always pick the worst time! So yeah, i'll just give you my best Neville face (see icon) and hope you forgive having to wait ages for me to update it!

Well, i should give you a run-down seeing as i'm plugging it so well! :) It's called 'War of the Free World' and takes place in 2018 London where the country is in a state of tumoil after being taken over by the evil Arcturus, a young wizard who idolised Voldemort. Standing in his way is the dear Neville who doesn't realise his destiny until Adrian Pucey kills one of his family members (try and guess who, it isn't hard!). Also in the story, saviour of the Muggles, is Lavender Brown who is a professional writer turned hero as she fights to save innocent Muggles caught up in the fight. So, in a sense it's Neville and Lavender vs Arcturus and Adrian but for more you'll have to read it won't you! The first 4 chapters (well, really the prologue) are up now.

Anyway, this was just a quick plug. I should be back soon with more. I'm currently working on 'It Takes A Little Magic...' which is a 5-parter about Lavender Brown's life at and after Hogwarts. She seems to be my main character at the moment!

Keep reading and writing
With love
~ Kate-Emma

Feb. 26th, 2008

tom felton, draco malfoy

Ha, I do update you disbelievers!

Well, i'm going crazy with the updates now i'm back at uni after Christmas. I'd really like to finish Pointing Fingers too, and i might try and do that soon, but i've lost my way with the case and i would like to do the set amount of chapters i first thought of (30 - the age Sam was when he died (or in this case should've)) but i'm struggling. It's a pain cos i've written the last 10 chapters and they're perfect but i can't seem to get chapters 11-20 finished. Gosh darn them.

Anyway: Here's the updates list: 

School of Rock:
In The Valley  Chapters 3 and 4
Out Of My Control  Chapter 3

Harry Potter:
And For A Life Like Mine 
Chapter 1
And In A Life Like This  Chapter 3
Got What It Takes  Chapters 1 and 2

The Bill:
A Little Place Called Home Chapters 1 and 2
Remus and Romulus  Opening Page

And there's more to come, so hold your horses people. 

I'm off to finish Pointing Fingers
 Love, Peace and Chicken Grease to you all

<3 Katz


Jul. 31st, 2007


I'm Back... But

Yeah, there's always a but. You really should've seen it coming by now!
I'm back from holidays and updating my fics (today i updated In The Name of Peace and As If A Second Chance as well as adding a new fic called Got What It Takes) but i've gone and got myself some hard subjects this term including a Third Year subject for Marketing although i'm a second year (smart eh?) so i'll be working extra hard on that and everything else because i need to pass everything (namely i just can't afford to fail and have to redo the class)
That said, fanfiction writing is my freedom and as long as people keep reading than i'll keep on writing. I'm currently working on a piece about the life of my favourite obscure character, Theodore Nott and his life before, during and after the Battle for Hogwarts (7th book, hope you've read it!).
Anyway, the list of stories is below. Too stuffed to write up an ad (i know, how lazy, i'm an Advertising student!). My International Marketing class is at Parramatta this term so i'll have buses to add to my public transport rage by the end of today. But still, back to trains tomorrow. Yay! Will write on the trains and buses as much as possible, promise!

Love, Peace and Chickengrease

In Progess
Pointing Fingers -The Bill-
To Blame -Supernatural-
My Odes to 'The Bill' - The Bill -
Family Ties -The Bill-
In The Valley -School of Rock-
As If A Second Chance -Home and Away-
Out Of My Control -School of Rock- (School of What? Sequel!)
In The Name Of Peace -Harry Potter-
Got What It Takes -Harry Potter-

Nov. 21st, 2006

allan a dale, robin hood

Holiday, celebrate!

That's right, as of 5 minutes ago i am now officially on holidays, having finished my first and last exam (evil PR!). So everybody party!

At the end of the week i'm off to the north coast with some mates, so i won't be back until December and even then i may not update until i get back to Uni in February.
But don't worry, i promise to write all holidays!
Yeah, i'm so mean to my lovely readers! he he!

Anyway, below is a list of stories you shall see in the new year (hopefully).
Have a good weekend, and holidays if i don't see you all before the New Year!

Later Days


To Be Finished:
Pointing Fingers
Will Cass and Sam ever talk again?
Will Sam ever tell what happened that night of the fire?
Will Sam point the finger?
And what will happen to Cass? Will she face the demise she's set to face, even though Sam is here?
Stay Tuned!

In The Valley
Everything's looking OK for Katie, but she misses home. So when her dad says he's headed back to Long Island for the next month for a brief job, Katie goes with him.
There, waiting to see her friends, she discovers her heartbroken ex-boyfriend Freddy has returned to the arms of Marta and many of her friends have moved on without her.
Heartbroken she heads back to Sydney, vowing never to return to Long Island again.
Has Freddy lost her for good?
Will he realise what he's lost?
When? How?
Wait and see!

To Blame
Will Dean wake up?
What did Sam do?
And what is wrong with that house? What makes it so odd?
Check it out in the new year!

To Start:
Never Forget
Nick Klein's views on life, love, loss and religion as he loses his best-mate and love of his life in the same year.

Got What It Takes
When Voldemort returns he causes trouble for more than just the usual gang.
This story follows four teenagers as they battle family, love and the ultimate end of the world in an attempt to hold on to what they have.

Nov. 7th, 2006

allan a dale, robin hood


Oh, i hate to leave you all up in the air with my stories but i'll be going on holidays for the next two and a half months and won't b back until February to update.
I may update a few times in between, as much as possible of course, but i can't promise anything.

I know, i really shouldn't have started 'In The Valley' knowing i wouldn't be able to finish it until the new year but still, that's Katz for ya!

Anywho, see ya in the new year

Story Info:

In The Valley

After a falling out at Marta's party with long-time boyfriend Freddy Jones, Katie Lymen moves to Sydney to be with her family at their time of need. There she makes new friends and gets settled.
Meanwhile, back at home in Long Island, Freddy is feelign alone and with Marta promising him to make him feel wanted Freddy is forgetting Katie more and more each days she's away.
So, when Katie comes home to find Freddy and Marta are a couple, after months of ignoring her feelings for the local hottie, Katie is angry and disappointed, returning to Sydney and vowing never to come home to Long Island again.
Will Freddy realise the mistake he's made?
Will Katie move on?
Find out in 'In The Valley'

In progress!

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